What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness involves being keenly aware of what is happening in the present moment while it is happening.  It is being finely in tune with what you are experiencing through paying close attention, and using non-judgmental awareness.  When you practice mindfulness, you begin to see things for what they are rather than through the distorted lens of your emotions, interpretations (the story we tell about it), and projections.  Looking through a distorted lens often leads us to experiencing stress and sometimes long-term suffering.

Through practicing mindfulness you begin to meet yourself in an honest and compassionate way as you use gentle curiosity to investigate what causes stress and emotional suffering.  When practicing mindful awareness, we turn towards ourselves to explore what is present for us, as opposed to turning away from our experience.  The insights gained from pausing to pay closer attention in this way will provide you with a greater sense of clarity and understanding.  Being mindful helps you to cultivate a deep and rich relationship with yourself and with others.  It will greatly assist you in responding in your life with compassion, kindness, and wisdom.

In cultivating a Mindfulness practice you will gain useful insights into how you meet and relate to your life while holding a deep appreciation and gratitude for the learnings.  The clarity and sense of feeling a bit more grounded gained from practicing mindfulness promotes a greater sense of ease and well being in your life.

Introduction to Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Alicia offers group or individual Introduction to Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation classes.  Classes can be conducted for large to small groups – in person if geographically convenient, or privately over the telephone, or via Skype. 

Mindfulness & Mindfulness Instruction Rates

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