Stress Reduction & Relaxation In The Workplace

Alicia assists organizations in supporting their employees by teaching techniques that help balance the energetic pace of corporate culture with opportunities to calm the mind and body, which may help develop an overall sense of personal well being.  

The objective is to help cultivate a more mindful workplace that will:

  • Help participants recognize the signs of stress and practice simple evidence-based techniques on how to reduce it while increasing an enhanced sense of well being
  • Develop skills that improve teamwork and results with a greater sense of connection and meaning
  • Increase the effectiveness of employee engagement
  • Stimulate and cultivate creativity, commitment, intention, attention, and inspiration
  • Improve personal productivity by increasing the ability to focus amidst distractions
  • Practice ways to communicate effectively and clearly, and become more able to respond appropriately to challenges and conflicts that may arise
  • Increase levels of satisfaction, both personally and professionally
  • Sharpen concentration skills
  • Reduce unhelpful reactivity while increasing thoughtful responses

Program Design

Programs are uniquely designed and tailored to best suit the needs of the organization, and include learning evidence-based stress reduction and relaxation techniques, development of important skills that improve competency in leadership, and enhance the ability to communicate effectively as individuals or within a team.  Program options may include learning the principles of Mindfulness and how to integrate it into daily life – in and outside the workplace, mindful movement, and guided meditation.

List of Services:

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Classes - Held for groups, weekly, monthly, or in a series of classes.   Classes are instructor-led, and onsite at your organization.

Personal Life Coaching - 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions - Coaching can be conducted over the telephone, via Skype, or if geographically convenient, onsite at your business location.